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Liposuction Pioneer comments on latest BAAPS figures

Liposuction Pioneer comments on latest BAAPS figures

Today’s release from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon (BAAPS) details impressive growth in volumes of cosmetic procedures in the UK, reflecting growing consumer confidence in procedures with proven track records being performed by appropriately trained and qualified surgeons.

Whilst volume growth is shown across the full spectrum of procedures, a ‘stratospheric’ rise of 41% in liposuction procedures is highlighted as the big winner of 2013. As London’s premier liposuction destination, this trend has been reflected in strong growth of liposuction procedures at Cadogan Cosmetics. Cadogan Cosmetics founder, and the man who first brought liposuction into the UK over thirty years ago, Mr Bryan Mayou believes this trend can be accounted for by several key driving factors:

“First of all, as consumer confidence picks up domestically and the impacts of bad surgery are being increasingly well documented, we are seeing a reversal of the trend to seek cheaper surgery abroad at the hands of underqualified doctors. More and more people would rather get the job done properly at home, especially if they feel they can afford to do so”.

He also believes that advances in technology make liposuction an increasingly straightforward and safe solution in the eyes of the consumer.

“Technical advances in the way the procedure is performed means you can now come to a clinic like ourselves and get the job done as a day case procedure. This means the surgery is done in a matter of hours and you can return home to recover in comfort on the very same day. You’ll also be back to normal activities in just a few days. No longer is liposuction seen as this big, complicated procedure which will take a long time to recover from”. Lastly, the number of areas on the body appropriate for liposuction techniques has increased, “You can now get liposuction performed everywhere on the body from the chin to the arms, thighs and knees and expect to get good results. More is now possible from this single procedure”.

Cadogan Cosmetics is the leading provider of liposuction in the UK, offering a full range of liposuction techniques ranging from traditional to laser and water jet liposuction. We have assembled a specially selected team of liposuction experts, led by the most experienced practitioner in the country, Mr Bryan Mayou.