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Large Breasts

One of the most commonly requested and most predictably successful plastic surgery procedures is female breast reduction. Many women suffer from symptoms caused by the weight of their breasts such as back pain, and unfortunately, non-surgical treatments often provide little or no relief.

Heavy breasts can cause a number of physical problems such as chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain; chest wall pain; headaches; poor posture; shoulder grooving; numbness and tingling of the hands; shortness of breath, sleep disturbances, rashes under and between the breasts and in the bra strap grooves, and low exercise tolerance. 

Can the symptoms of heavy breasts be treated without surgery?
Mild occasional symptoms may be relieved by anti-inflammatory medications, heat packs, massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, etc. Unfortunately, for women with more severe and persistent symptoms, such treatments rarely provide permanent relief. Good bra support can help in the short term, but is not always beneficial as the weight of the breasts can still aggravate neck, chest wall, and shoulder symptoms.

Does weight loss help?
While often desirable for health reasons, weight loss has been repeatedly shown not to be an effective treatment for symptoms related to heavy breasts, as breast skin is heavy, and even when weight is lost it still contributes significantly to total breast weight. Any increase in breast skin volume is permanent, i.e. not reversible with weight loss.

Breast reduction surgery
Also called a 'mammaplasty', is a highly effective treatment for large breasts as it deals directly with the cause of the symptoms. Breast reduction surgery is a standard part of plastic surgery training, although plastic surgeons do not all have equal experience performing the surgery. Most patients can resume full activities within six weeks, but final breast shape will not be apparent for many months.  

Patient satisfaction rates after breast reduction are very high, and it is the rare patient who will not experience significant relief of her symptoms after surgery.

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