Itching for Advice on Children’s Eczema?

Itching for Advice on Children’s Eczema? 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Dr Catherine Borysiewicz shares her knowledge and tips

Dr Catherine Borysiewicz shares her expertise and management tips for children’s eczema with the UK’s most popular parenting website Mumsnet.

As a leading dermatologist and a mother of a child with eczema, Dr Borysiewicz knows all too well the challenges of managing the skin condition, with extensive professional expertise in this area.

In the video, Dr Borysiewicz explains that eczema is an inflammatory skin condition and that eczema tends to present before a baby’s first birthday and it is thought that it occurs when the baby’s skin has an alteration in the skin barrier and a slight disturbance in their immune system in their skin which goes on to cause eczema.

Dr Borysiewicz likens the skin barrier to a brick wall which is responsible for stopping irritants and other organisms from penetrating into the deeper skin layers. If the skin barrier is breached, rather than the skin being exposed naturally to allergens, it gives an inappropriate exposure to them, causing eczema flare-ups.

The home environment is very important when treating eczema, especially within the bedroom. Dr Borysiewicz shares some inexpensive top tips to help manage the condition:

  • Add in dust mite protective bedding
  • Have easy clean surfaces (and clean regularly to remove dust and allergens)
  • Use natural fabrics such as cotton and linen for bedding and clothing
  • Use gentle detergents and cleaning products
  • Double rinse clothes in the washing machine to remove detergent residue
  • Use soap substitutes that won’t strip the natural, important oils from the skin
  • Moisturise - Dr Borysiewicz recommends starting moisturiser at any early age

Watch the full interview and see Dr Borysiewicz’s product recommendations here.