Will Stem Cell treatment work on hair loss due to medication?

Stem cell treatment for hair loss is a new and promising option for hair loss recovery.

We can expect improvement so long as the damaging treatment is discontinued and hair follicles are not completely destroyed.

There are many factors at play when treating hair loss due to medication. The viability of the treatment and its success will be specific to each patient, as medications interact with each person’s chemistry uniquely.

Of course, it will be important for you to discuss your complete medical history with your consultant. It is important for the team to understand exactly what medications you are on and what conditions necessitated your taking those medications.

Some variables may include:

+ The duration of time you have been on the medication
+ Any other medications you have taken previously that caused hair loss
+ If the medication and condition may cause any other symptoms
+ What other symptoms the condition(s) may cause
+ Gender
+ Age

It is only with a thorough understanding of your current situation that the consultant can give you can more accurate understanding of how stem cell treatment can work for you. Sharing accurate details of your history of hair loss and its causes will allow your consultant to give you the proper stem cell treatment plan unique to you with the best possible results. Even then, hair restoration is a difficult field and results cannot be guaranteed.

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