Is scar revision painful?

Not all bad scars require a surgical scar revision. At the Cadogan Clinic, we have an array of non-surgical treatments designed to improve scar quality.

Young scars, still red and often itchy, respond well to silicone applied as gel twice a day or as a sheet applied over the scar. The next level of treatment is Icon laser sessions usually repeated at 2-week intervals. Really active scars growing and sore may be treated by very careful injection of steroids at 6-week intervals and finally, Radiotherapy is the most serious treatment.

All these treatments are not painful apart from the injection of steroids, which can be done under local or even General Anaesthesia.

Older established scars, even when tethered to deeper tissue are improved by the transfer of stem cells, simply as fat aspirated from elsewhere in the body or with as a special Cadogan concentrated solution of stem cells extracted from your fat.

Surgical scar revisions become necessary, where the scar is so bad that an improved scar is not adequate and it is better to just take it out and start again. Often this will extend to modifying distorted adjacent soft tissues. Is this painful? Not, of course, once local anaesthesia is given either as new powerful cream or injection. Bigger procedures will require a general anaesthetic in the form of TIVA (Total IntraVenous Anaesthesia) as a day case.

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