Is Mohs surgery successful?

Mohs surgery is highly successful, and results are as high as 99 percent for the removal of a basal cell skin cancer and 95 percent for squamous cell skin cancer and other recurrent cancers.

Mohs Surgery is very accurate.
Mohs surgery is incredibly accurate, as a surgeon will be removing the skin layer by layer off the cancer site. The surgeon will then examine each layer under a microscope to determine if any cancer cells remain in the tissue. The process of removal and inspection under the microscope is repeated until all cancer cell tissue has been removed.

Better Long term Cosmetic Results with Mohs Surgery.
Through this method, the surgeon can remove the entire cancer tissue without damaging the surrounding healthy skin tissue. This process keeps the scarring minimal and promotes quicker healing. Approximately 80% of patients will only need to have one layer of skin removed to remove the cancerous tissue. As the recurrence rate is lower than any other technique Mohs can overall give the best long term cosmetic result

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