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Mr Bryan Mayou on Improving the Appearance of Cellulite

Improving the Appearance of Cellulite 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Mr Bryan Mayou shares his knowledge in the Aesthetics Journal on the different approaches to treating cellulite

Our Clinic Founder Mr Bryan Mayou has shared his knowledge on the various approaches to treating and improving the appearance of cellulite in Aesthetics, a leading industry journal for medical and aesthetic professionals.

The article focuses on the surgical treatment of fat as well as surgical and non-surgical approaches to skin tightening. Mr Mayou is renowned for his work in liposuction, having introduced it to the UK over 35 years ago and is one of the world’s leading plastic surgeons. In this feature Mr Mayou explores how liposuction can be used to improve the appearance of cellulite through removing fat and reinjecting under the dimples as close as possible to the skin. Liposuction also improves the shape of the patient and can often make the problem of cellulite less acute.

Mr Mayou also discusses surgical skin tightening, which is highly effective in cases of large laxity of skin and the less invasive treatments such as radiofrequency techniques, ultrasound and non-ablative lasers.

Mr Mayou and has inspired a generation of plastic and cosmetic surgeons through his innovative techniques and pioneering practice and continues to do so through sharing his knowledge and education. We are very proud to have him leading the team at the Cadogan Clinic.

 Read the full article here.