How to get filler lips?

There are many reasons why people may feel that they are ready to undergo Juvederm lip fillers; from having a thin or no visible upper lip, wanting to achieve a more voluptuous kiss or to fill out unwanted early wrinkles.

If you are considering undergoing a Juvederm treatment, then please contact Cadogan Clinic to book a consultation with one of our practising professionals. During your consultation, our team will be able to answer any questions that you may have to, help put your mind at ease, and talk you through the most suitable dosage for you and your desired look.

Juvederm, injected into the lips, will commonly last between 4 and 8 months, however this can vary depending on the patient and also the particular brand of Juvederm. Once the initial treatment has been completed, no aftercare is required to maintain the results of the treatment, and normal routines can be resumed the same day.

If you wish to maintain the fuller lip for longer than the expected 4-8 months, then top up procedures will be required every 5-7months. Should you choose to do so, the Juvederm dosage can be altered on each occasion to help build a more accurate, desired look.

When receiving Juvederm, the dosage will determine outcome of the procedure; smaller portions of Juvederm will help to create subtle differences to the treatment area, whereas larger doses can contribute to more noticeable differences. Our practitioners will be able to advise you on what dosage is right for you.

The procedure does not take long; the product is loaded into a syringe, and then injected directly into the treatment area. The procedure is relatively pain free due to the use of numbing cream; however, this will vary depending on the patient.

Juvederm is not suitable for woman that are pregnant, or those that are currently breastfeeding.

For more information, book a consultation with Cadogan Clinic today.

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