How is the operation performed?

The operation is carried out as a Day case, usually with you asleep, although the occasional patient might prefer local anaesthesia. We use TIVA at the Cadogan Clinic, which is safe and reliable.

Before surgery, the surgeon will mark up the skin with you awake and take standard photographs for the records.

Liposuction alone may be adequate, but if there is floppy skin, it will need be reduced. The markings will determine the amount to be removed and the position of the final scar. This may stretch from the back of the elbow to the armpit. Simply reducing skin in the armpit is rarely adequate. Any surplus fat around the front of the arm or adjacent back or shoulder will be removed by liposuction.

Most of the stitches are likely to be dissolving, but some in the armpit will need to be removed at 10 to 14 days after surgery. Surgeons have their preferences.



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