How soon will I see the results of fat transfer buttocks procedure?

You will see an immediate difference after a fat transfer to your buttocks.

The Cadogan approach is different from most. We see fat grafting to buttocks as just part of a bigger picture. It is rare that we just add volume to the buttocks. We regard a Brazilian Buttock lift as just an element of sculpting the whole lower body, through utilizing liposuction to remove formless fat from the lower back and loins and possibly the upper thighs, then transferring the fat collected into the buttocks area in order to recreate the sinuous line of youth or a dancer. The surplus fat from other places on your body will create a nice firm bottom, while simultaneously removing unwanted fat from those lower back, loins and thigh areas.

However, this all takes time to see the end results in all their beauty. There will be significant bruising following your fat transfer procedure. There will be visible bruising which will settle in after about 3 weeks post-op. As well as the deep bruising of liposuction, which will take 3 to 6 months to settle. Finally, it’s important to note that the grafted fat will lose some volume of perhaps 40-50 % post-op, so you will notice it settling down quite a bit and not being overly dramatic, but instead leaving you with perfect results.

It is recommended to wear a firm corset for a few weeks as the graft takes and to avoid serious exercise at the same time for several weeks following the surgery.

You might want to wait until after 3 weeks when the visible bruising has diminished before heading to the beach. Running any marathons, sports etc., should wait for at least 6 months post-op to ensure that you are fully healed. 

After fat transfer to your buttocks you will notice your results immediately - more evidently within the first few weeks after your treatment when any swelling and bruising have subsided.  The results will continue to improve over the next few months’ as your fat re-distributes itself and settles.

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