How soon will I see the results after fat transfer?

Following your fat transfer procedure, you will notice results immediately - more evidently in the first few weeks after your treatment when any swelling and bruising have subsided.  The results will continue to improve during the next few months’ post-treatment as your fat re-distributes itself and settles.

Results of fat transfer treatment are permanent; however, it is important to maintain a stable weight after your surgery and a healthy lifestyle overall.  Over time your fat distribution will change naturally as your body ages – fat transfer to facial areas is a highly effective long-term solution to help rejuvenate the appearance of a tired, ageing face or to restore youthful volume to certain areas of the body. Breast or Buttock augmentation using fat transfer can be a very effective way of increasing the volume to the area in a minimally-invasive way to provide a very natural result.  It is a highly effective, long-term solution for both getting rid of stubborn areas of fat and enhancing particular areas of the body at the same time.

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