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How much is a Vaginoplasty?

When it comes to making a decision about which provider or surgeon to select as your chosen preference for your Vaginoplasty procedure, safety and quality of care are typically the most important considerations to think about, alongside any Clinic and surgeon’s level of experience with Vaginoplasty procedures.

That said, the price and cost of your Vaginoplasty does of course also play a big part in any calculation.

Vaginoplasty surgery at the Cadogan Clinic

Vaginal Tightening, or vaginoplasty, is a reconstructive operation and rebuilds the pelvic floor in cases where women have experienced severe stretching of the vaginal tissue and muscles, as well as the perineal body at the entrance of the vagina, strengthening the muscles and reducing vaginal laxity.

Although many women are too embarrassed to raise the issue with a surgeon, the good news is that an effective, straightforward solution exists to correct this condition and can be treated discreetly.

We have invited a selection of the country's very best consultants to join us at the Cadogan Clinic so that you can be sure that whatever the nature of your treatment, you will be seeing one of the top practitioners in the country.

Why does cost and price play an important role in who to choose for my Vaginoplasty procedure?

Cost and price are important factors to take into account when deciding which Clinic to proceed with for your Vaginoplasty surgery. There is a wide diversity in prices across the UK, with the key driving factors including:

At the Cadogan Clinic we only work with the very best surgeons and nursing staff at our specialist facilities in Chelsea. Our emphasis is on providing safe, high quality surgery and excellent value for money to all of our patients.

How much is a Vaginoplasty procedure at the Cadogan Clinic?

Vaginoplasty costs start from £4,700.

All Vaginoplasty costs quoted online are guide prices only, and subject to confirmation following your in person consultation.

What is included in the Cost/Prices for a Vaginoplasty procedure at the Cadogan Clinic?

Included In The Cost/Price for a Vaginoplasty treatment at the Cadogan Clinic is:

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Do you offer Vaginoplasty finance at the Cadogan Clinic?

The Cadogan Clinic offers and accepts Vaginoplasty finance via an array of high street providers. Please speak to one of our patient advisors, who can guide you to a trusted Vaginoplasty finance provider, accepted by the Clinic.

Get in touch today to discuss Vaginoplasty costs/prices

Please do feel free to get in touch today with one of our specialist patient advisors who can share more information regarding our Vaginoplasty cost/prices, as well as more detail regarding our Clinic’s approach and experience with this procedure.

What our Vaginoplasty Patients Say

“Dr Zahra Ameen is the epitome of professionalism, dedication and kindness. From the outset, she was patient and extremely attentive to my questions and concerns. She was warm and reassuring and dispelled my insecurities about having female gynaecology surgery with great care and respect.”

“From the initial consultation through to the day of the surgery I had peace of mind in the knowledge that Dr Zahra was at the helm of the operation. With hindsight, but for her warmth, sensitivity and expertise, I would likely not have pursued the surgery. I was confident and comfortable her vision for the surgery and I am grateful beyond words for the final outcome. Dr Ameen is a brilliant surgeon, a diligent and sensitive professional and a warm and charismatic presence”

“I was nervous before my gynaecological procedure, but the team did exceptionally well to build confidence ahead of my procedure. I was well informed pre surgery by the consultant, embarked on surgery feeling fully confident in very experienced and capable hands. Four months post surgery and the results already look amazing. Highly recommend the Clinic’s service from start to finish”

“I am really pleased I decided to go with this Clinic. It can be a really daunting and quite worrying process when deciding whether to go ahead with vaginoplasty surgery or not, but the team are great. Dr Ameen is amazing, and an absolute expert and her team also. The nurses Monika and Vicky are so helpful and lovely too”

“Dr Ameen and her team, anaesthesiologist and nurses (Monika and Elaine were just unbelievable!) were so incredibly supportive and the whole procedure was done so beautifully and professionally.  I was really nervous and so reassured when one of the nurses told me that having seen Dr Ameen’s work she would go to him herself. I felt safe and really trusted the team.”

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