How is a nipple reduction or correction performed?

Areola Reduction - Areola reduction is a quick and simple procedure that can be performed on both men and women. It involves removing the excess brown or pink area surrounding the nipple which usually has a diameter of between 4-5cm. Areola reduction usually begins with your surgeon removing a circular segment of the outer brown area of the areola. The skin surrounding this is then brought inwards in a purse string fashion to surround the areola.

Inverted Nipple Correction is usually carried out under local anaesthetic and in one of two most common ways. The first begins with an incision to allow lifting of the nipple and areola tissue whilst remaining attached to the breast, the ducts are separated and the nipple is allowed to sit proudly in its new position. The second method is the incision is made at the base of the nipple and the shortened milk ducts are detached completely allowing for a natural looking projection of the nipple.

Nipple Reduction – The most popular involves elimination of a strip of skin about the neck of the nipple which is closed and sutured reducing the height of the nipple by pushing a portion of the nipple back into the breast tissue. This is a very straightforward procedure and is often performed under local anaesthetic.

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