How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Laser tattoo removal works by delivering laser energy to target the carbon particles or dyes in the skin, allowing selective destruction of the foreign pigment while minimising damage to the surrounding skin. The laser breaks the ink down into tiny particles, that are then disposed of by your body’s natural immune system. Lasers may be used on all tattoo types such as professional, amateur, cosmetic, medicinal and traumatic tattoos.

We use different wavelengths of laser light to treat the different colours of ink in your tattoo. Black fades the quickest, and certain colours can be more stubborn, but we do offer targeted wavelengths for different colours. Your practitioner will go over all that with you in the consultation depending on your individual case.

You will see immediate results after your first session, and depending on the various colours, it will take multiple sessions to fully remove your tattoo. 

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