How does a Surgical Brow Lift procedure work?

The days of the long incision across the scalp behind the hairline are over, as minimally invasive endoscopic surgery through stab incisions behind the hairline, not only give better results, but better access and vision for the surgeon.

A brow lift is done through several different techniques, depending on the results you desire. Your surgeon will be able to assess you during your consultation and determine what the best method is to achieve your goals. We focus on specific techniques that minimize scarring.

Lifting of the brow is carried out at a much deeper level than the facelift with all the soft tissues and skin being lifted off the bone and fixed at a higher level. The fixing may be with a dissolvable clip, which you will feel under the skin of the scalp for some months or by stitching to the bone itself. There will inevitably be bruising and swelling around the eyes after surgery, but very little discomfort.

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