Is restoration in hands better with fat and stem cells or filler?

The podgy soft hand of a baby gradually metamorphoses through the seven ages via the hand one wants to hold to the scrawny extremity that one avoids. The natural cells in the hand responsible for the constant repair of the hand become damaged or defunct through age, sunshine and disease. Stem cell hand treatments introduce new natural cells from your own body that will restart the regeneration process. Artificial fillers can produce the look of soft, supple, and healthy hands, but they cannot actually repair and replace the cells for long-term change.

Stem cell treatments are the most natural option for hand rejuvenation. This treatment involves removing fat tissue from another part of your body, processing it, and injecting it into the subcutaneous tissue of the hand. The fat provides the volume and a certain number of stem cells. The stem cells numbers and efficacy can be enhanced by taking more fat and extracting just the stem cells and adding these to the mix of injected fat. This is what we prefer at the Cadogan Clinic.

Since the fat is analogous tissue (meaning your own tissue) to what is already in your hand there is no risk allergic rejection. The fat does have to take up a blood supply and not all do. Maybe half is lost, the rest remaining long term to give volume, covering prominent veins and tendons, and stem cells removing brown pigment, improving quality and thickening the skin.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are remarkably safe are rarely cause problems, but the risk of allergic reaction is always greater when a foreign material is introduced into the body. They are quick and easy to use. Certainly, younger less damaged hands may be satisfactorily treated with fillers to restore volume. The brown patches may de be treated with lasers and IPL. Further treatments are likely to be needed along the line. Maybe one should expect regular treatments every year.

Stem cell treatment on hands achieves more durable results compared to hyaluronic acid-based filler. This is due to the continuous renewing character of the stem cells that are injected into the area. The fat volume once established behaves just like normal fat and remains long term.  Stem cell and grafted fat treatments for hands are long lasting, low risk, and have a relatively short and easy recovery time.

The other benefit from stem cell hand treatments is that the amount of tissue you are moving to your hands is removed from a part of your body where there is excess fat. The tissue is removed via liposuction, so you are having two procedures that benefit each other. In this case, the volume is relatively small, but just ask to have a bit extra removed.

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