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Fat Knees

This is more of a female problem, as it appears as a secondary sexual characteristic at puberty. In later life, the problem deteriorates with weight gain and increased skin laxity.

Fatty deposits appear primarily at the inner side of the knee. The skin is taught, and liposuction will remove it, without leaving any loose skin, even in middle age. If this the only area to treat, it could be carried out under local anaesthesia.

Very often there is more to consider. The inner thigh fat is associated with knee fat and may need similar treatment. Another common association is fatty deposits of the hips, inner thighs and knees under the umbrella term, trochanteric lipodystrophy.

Fat and skin of the front of the lower thigh can be a problem as it tends to fold as a crescent above the knee. The skin is folding over the vastus medialis muscle at the inner side. This muscle is prominent in the toned thigh and something to be proud of, but as the skin loosens it becomes less attractive. It becomes a matter of judgement when to treat with skin tightening non-surgical laser, gentle liposuction or in the severe case direct surgical excision. One would need to certain that the patient was a good scar former for the latter treatment.

Fat above the front of the knee is treatable by liposuction or SculpSure laser. The surgeon needs to be careful to preserve a natural symmetrical look. Sculpsure would be an option, instead of liposuction, in the other areas, if one is not looking for radical improvement.

The small bulges on the front of the knee are deeper pockets of fat and inaccessible to liposuction and non-surgical Sculpsure. We at the Cadogan Clinic have a special technique for this.

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