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What Is Face and Body Contouring (Accent)?

Accent radio-frequency treatment is a revolutionary body contouring treatment designed to remove fat, improve skin texture, tighten the skin and enhance the body’s contours without invasive surgery.

Accent can be used on a range of difficult skin conditions such as melasma, stretch marks, scars, skin whitening and skin rejuvenation.

Accent treatment employs controlled radio-frequency energy (rather than a laser) to heat selected levels of the skin, resulting in new collagen formation, skin remodelling, and fat cell shrinkage and breakdown. Dermal heating is, therefore, a viable alternative to surgery and laser treatment and can provide good results. In addition, the Accent has already achieved outstanding results in patients after liposuction as it can help with swelling and also smooth out the skin to provide the best possible outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Accent uses radio frequency energy (RF) that causes the water molecules in your tissues to twist and vibrate. This motion causes friction, which in turn creates heat at very specific areas deep in your skin and the superficial layers of fat generating a focused wound healing response that can take 4-6 months to complete. This realigns and regenerates the collagen in your skin to improve aging and sagging, resulting in fresher, younger feeling looking skin.

The Accent device can tighten, smooth and re-contour your skin from the inside out, leading to improved skin firmness and texture. In addition Accent can also help reduce and re-contour fatty areas in various parts of the body. It can work on virtually any part of the body and as such, Accent™ treatments can include: Cellulite treatment; Fat reduction on the arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs; and Skin tightening on the face, arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs.

It is important to note that although Accent can lead to superficial and volumetric changes in your tissues and therefore a reduction of size in a given area, Accent is not a weight-loss program and it will not significantly alter your weight.

Anyone who has signs of aging or sagging skin is a candidate for Accent. The best candidates are in good health, have good health habits and typically take good care of their skin. Furthermore for patients who would like slight to modest body re-contouring using non-surgical means Accent can be considered.

Accent starts from £450 per session. Your treatment course and number of treatments will be discussed with your practitioner and an accurate quote given depending on your individual circumstance.

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