Fabulous Review of Crisalix 4D

Fabulous Review of Crisalix 4D

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

We are delighted to be the first clinic in the UK to launch Crisalix 4D augmented reality imaging for breast augmentations.

Crisalix 4D provides patients with a fully immersive experience before breast surgery, showing patients how they will look with implants of any size and shape as well as how they will appear lifted, reduced or reconstructed. The technology empowers patients to select implants that suit their anatomy whilst also providing surgeons with an insight into aesthetic goals of the patient, enabling them to understand and meet expectations.

Clare Smith, a journalist from the Sun's Fabulous magazine met with Mr Olivier Branford, Consultant Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who is leading the implementation of Crisalix 4D at the Clinic. She reviews the revolutionary new technology and explores the possibilities and potential results of a breast enlargement in a positive feature, which has her tempted!

In the feature, Clare explains her consultation with Mr Branford, from having her medical history reviewed and her body measurements recorded, followed by a full body scan. This scan then generated a 3D view of the breasts in the mirror, enabling her to view herself in real time trialling various different sizes and shapes of breast implants and seeing how they move with her body.

"One second and a tap of his screen later and I have the boobs I've always wished I had. They're fuller, natural and while I started the consultation trying to maintain my modesty for the photographer, I can't help but turn from side to side, first admiring them front-on then in profile," says Clare.

Mr Branford explains that 30% of women in the UK who have breast augmentations are unhappy with the results, which is a large proportion. "The Crisalix 4D has the potential to shrink that number down to single figures because women will know what they'll look like before they go under anaesthetic," he comments.
Mr Olivier Branford is not only a leading breast surgeon but also holds the accolade as the world's most influential social media influencer in plastic surgery. He uses his position to educate patients and fellow surgeons and is dedicated to providing the very best patient journey and surgical outcomes. He believes that this revolutionary 4D imaging technology will help achieve and exceed patient expectations.

Whilst Clare won't be having a breast enhancement anytime soon, she enjoyed seeing the possibilities, "I was ever in the market for a new set, Olivier would be the man I'd trust," she concludes.

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