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Excess Fat

The causes of excess fat are well known and the solutions of diet, exercise and bariatric bowel surgery should be explored. Instead, we are talking about shape and contours.

We are born with a certain distribution of fat cells and this determines our shape. It is only at puberty and in obesity that the number of these cells increase in certain areas. The secondary sexual characteristics of females with curvy hips and larger breasts developing at puberty are a manifestation of this. As an adult, fat cell distribution and body contour are fixed.

With excess calories, all the body’s fat cells increase in size, accentuating the underlying body shape. The number of and distribution of cells are unchanged.

We can change this basic shape in anyone, whether they are fat or thin, by removing fat cells. The most convenient way of doing this, for smaller amounts, is non-surgical Lipolysis (fat removal). At the Cadogan Clinic, we use Sculpsure, as it does not have the complications of freezing. If larger quantities of fat are to be removed or multiple areas treated, then we may find Liposuction more effective. We have numerous techniques to choose from.

The alternatives are, of course, surgical excision, which has its place, and chemical destruction by injection, which we don’t recommend, as it is painful, slow and unpredictable.

Where the skin is loose, we can use non-surgical tightening, (Accent or Ultherapy at the Cadogan Clinic). However, if there is a large surplus with hanging skin, excision of skin together with the underlying fat, is required.

The Mummy Makeover (basically a breast lift or reduction and tummy tuck)is an example of combining liposuction with surgical excision. The skin is likely to be in surplus. Skin and fat are excised and the surrounding areas thinned by liposuction. Theoretically, a breast reduction can be achieved by liposuction, but the patient would be left with extra skin to tighten, probably by excision. Likewise, for the post-baby abdomen, the extra skin below the umbilicus (tummy button) may be removed.

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Of course, we use the very latest technology. But our real skill is in knowing how and when to use it to suit each individual patient.


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