Excess Eyelid Skin

Sagging skin is a common sign of ageing, due to the loss of your skin's elasticity. The skin around your eyes, including your eyelids, can be especially prone to loosening and drooping with age, because the skin in this area is very thin. Loose skin on the eyelids can be a cosmetic concern to some, and a medical threat to others, if the dropping interferes with normal vision. Facial exercises, anti-aging creams and cosmetic procedures can all help tighten the loose skin on your eyelids.

Our eyelids can reveal the first signs of ageing due to the fine nature of the skin combine with the excessive use of squinting, blinking and facial expressions. This soft, delicate tissue will gradually begin to sag over time as the muscles weaken and collagen and elasticity levels gradually deplete.

Blepharoplasty surgery can help correct heavy upper eyelids, hooded or drooping eyelids and eye bags by removing a small amount of excess skin, fat or muscle to restore a rested, more youthful appearance.

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