Prominent Ear Correction Surgery

Ear correction surgery is cosmetic surgery to alter the size or shape of the ears, or pin them back if they stick out. Pinning back the ears is known as an otoplasty, or pinnaplasty. It's usually carried out on children and young teenagers, although adults may wish to have it done, too.

An otoplasty isn't suitable for children younger than five as their ears will still be growing and developing. Most people are happy with the results of an otoplasty, and generally it's a safe procedure, but it can be expensive and there are still risks to consider.

Otoplasty procedures usually take up to around 2 hours and can be performed under local or general anaesthetic, depending on the individual case. During the treatment your surgeon will make an incision along the crease-line behind your ear and remove any excess cartilage that is causing it to protrude. The ear is then pinned back along the fold to its new position, closer to the head. Following the surgery, the area will be stitched up and a dressing applied to support the cartilage in its new place. 

The Cadogan Clinic also offers a new procedure called Earfold ®. Launched in 2017, it's an alternative treatment for prominent ears done under local anaesthetic. It's a minimally invasive implant that corrects prominent ears simply with a short recovery compared to the traditonal otoplasty. Earfold® is a small implant that is designed to reposition prominent ears quickly. It works because the implant is curved, so after it is inserted into your ear under local anaesthetic, it springs into shape, helping to correct your ear prominence by creating or enhancing what’s known as the antihelical fold. Unlike standard otoplasty Earfold® gives you the opportunity to choose how your ears will look BEFORE you decide whether to be treated. Earfold® is suitable for adults and children aged seven or above

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