Acne can produce a range of scars. Some are sunken (called atrophic) and some raised (called hypertrophic).

Whilst perfect skin with complete elimination of the scars is not usually attainable, three methods produce substantial, sustained improvement, which up to a few years ago was impossible to achieve.

It is important to address the inflammatory/infective component of acne before embarking on scar treatment due to the risk of cross infecting one area onto another

Atrophic scars are classified according to the shape of the scar:

+ Cobblestone scars
+ Box-car type scars
+ Ice-pick scars

The dermis underlying atrophic scars tends to be thinned and scarred. A major component of management of these scars is therefore to release the tethering that holds these scars sunken down, and repair the dermis.

Broadly, treatment of atrophic acne scarring falls into one of three categories:

+ Repairing the skin tone and consistency
+ Adjusting dermal thickness
+ Resurfacing of the skin.

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