Droopy Earlobes

Earlobes age along with the rest of the skin of the face. They lose tone and volume with wrinkling and as they lose elasticity droop and lengthen. They appear larger but are really just stretched out.

The causes as would expect are age and sunshine and skin type. There is another important factor and that is the wearing of heavy earrings. These lengthen the lobe and stretch the pierced hole so that earings fall out and even split the lobe completely.

There are excellent rejuvenation techniques at each stage.

Dermal fillers plump out saggy skin and IPL lasers improve skin quality.

Transferred fat is a longer-term solution and improves skin quality.

Surgically stretched or split earlobes are repaired. Long droopy earlobes can be reduced to youthful size. These procedures are easily accomplished under local anaesthesia.

Earlobe surgery should always be considered as an add-on at the time of any facelift. Untreated it remains a giveaway of true age, just as the ageing hand.

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