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Dr Susan Mayou talks body breakouts in Grazia magazine

Give body breakouts the boot!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dr Susan Mayou has been featured in Grazia magazine, talking about body breakouts; the causes and treatment options.

Body breakouts are mainly caused by the effect of hormones on sebaceous glands. The highest concentration of sebaceous glands in the body is on the T-zone and back. An additional factor contributing to acne is the clogging of the hair follicle, anything that clogs the skin will contribute to body breakouts. Sweating after exercise and not showering or thoroughly cleansing the back afterwards can contribute to body breakouts (the back is a hard-to-reach area).

It’s advisable to see a dermatologist to discuss skin concerns and to ensure the best treatment programme for problem skin which may include topical or oral antibiotics and skincare products.

Below Dr Mayou shares some tips to help combat body acne:

  • Avoid using heavy moisturising creams which may clog the pores
  • Back – cleanse regularly with a skin cleanser that has a slight exfoliator for spot prone skin
  • Shower after exercise (don’t stay in sweaty fit kit!)
  • When cleansing, pay particular attention to cleansing any susceptible areas such as the back or bottom
  • Regularly use an exfoliator to prevent breakouts but not if the skin is inflamed, if the surface is broken this will cause irritation and increase the chance of infection

Read the full article here.