Dr. Severine Leonet MD, CIME/ICAM

Aesthetic Doctor / 7610771

Dr Severine Leonet is an Aesthetics Doctor with expertise in injectables and anti-ageing treatments that enhance and rejuvenate.

Dr Severine Leonet completed her medical qualifications at UCL Medical school in Brussels, Belgium before undertaking a two-year postgraduate training at the International College of Aesthetic Medicine in Paris, where she gained a comprehensive understanding of the skin ageing process as well as the criteria of facial harmony. Her passion for aesthetics is reflected in the impeccable results she achieves for her patients.

Dr. Severine Leonet

Having trained and worked with world-renowned pioneers of aesthetic medicine; all of whom have the “French touch”, Dr Leonet is highly skilled in achieving natural, refined results that enhance the appearance without altering it.

Combining a sharp appreciation of aesthetics, medical expertise and technical dexterity, Dr Leonet provides a bespoke approach to advanced non-surgical treatments whilst paying close attention to patients’ expectations, achieving results that surpass expectations. This includes a specialism in wrinkle-relaxing injections, dermal fillers, chemical peels as well as energy-based devices and laser treatments.

Languages: English, French.

  •  International College of Aesthetic Medicine (CIME/ICAM)
  • General Medical Council n° 7610771

Specialist Treatments

Image of Dr. Severine Leonet

Combining my aesthetics and medical expertise, I tailor my procedures to each patient to achieve the best possible outcomes so they look their best-self.

Dr. Severine Leonet

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