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Dr Patrick Mallucci returns to Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies

It was great to see Karlie return to embarrassing bodies last night to follow up on her breast surgery. Karlie was first consulted by Mr Mallucci earlier this year due to inverted nipples.

Inverted Nipples are very common, statistics show that one in 10 women in the UK suffers from the condition which caused by an imbalance between the inwards traction of the milk ducts and the traction of the muscle within the nipple.

For Karlie, her inverted nipples were effecting her confidence and self-esteem. There are a number of surgical options available for nipple correction, in Karlie’s case, a simple implant procedure was the best solution. Using the pressure of the implant to push the nipple outward, whilst reshaping the breast area.

Karlie has recovered perfectly from the surgery, and is delighted with the results.