Dr Nisith Sheth Talking Tattoos

Dr Nisith Sheth Talking Tattoos

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Consultant Dermatologist Dr Nisith Sheth was featured on Sheerluxe in an article investigating the Shocking Health Problems Caused by Tattoos.

Journalist Rosy Cherrington, who had her first tattoo aged 18 and now has nearly 20, experienced skin swelling, itching, eczema and a 3D effect on her tattoos, followed by red swollen patches of hives on the nearby skin.

"Intolerance and allergies can develop at any time, even to substances or products the skin has tolerated for years," Dr Sheth says. "The skin can become sensitised over time and the immune system then causes a reaction on the skin."

The article also talks skin conditions resulting from tattoos such as granulomatous reaction, a form of inflammation caused by a collection of immune cells, scar tissue and also serious diseases such as sarcoidosis.

Dr Sheth has extensive experience and expertise in the removal of tattoos and has seen an increase in patients with skin conditions caused by tattoos. Laser tattoo removal at the Cadogan Clinic delivers visible and lasting results with minimal discomfort and can be used to remove all tattoo types including professional, amateur, cosmetic, medicinal and traumatic tattoos.

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