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Dr Maryam Zamani in Tatler

Dr Maryam Zamani in Tatler

Monday, March 5, 2018

Dr Maryam Zamani was featured in the Tatler Cosmetic Surgery Guide as one of the top doctors for eyes.

An accomplished and internationally-renowned Consultant Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr Maryam Zamani is famed for her surgical skills on the eyes. Dr Zamani’s intrinsic understanding of the facial structure as a surgeon makes her a highly skilled aesthetics doctor, often performing non-surgical treatments on her patients before they progress to surgical options.

Additionally, Dr Zamani was featured in this cosmetic surgery power-list for the revolutionary Plexr treatment for crepey eyes. Plexr is a non-surgical procedure which uses a focused beam of plasma energy to rejuvenate the eye area. This aesthetic blepharoplasty reduces excess skin on the eyelids and brows with lifting and tightening effects lasting up to 10 years post-treatment.

From lasers and Ultherapy through to injectables and facial treatments, Dr Zamani’s surgical and non-surgical finesse, combined with the excellent results are celebrated by her long client list.

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