Dr Martin Nimmo in Huffington Post

Dr Martin Nimmo in Huffington Post

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dr Martin Nimmo, a dental and aesthetics doctor at the Cadogan Clinic was featured in an article on Huffington Post, providing his comment exploring complaints made about facial cosmetic procedures.

Dr Nimmo shared his insight into the growing number of younger patients seeking aesthetics treatments, driven by social media as many people want to look like a filtered version of themselves. He comments, “People are, with Instagram and social media, more conscious of the way they look and behave now. And I think that’s a trend that will probably increase as the cohort of patients who are maybe had mobile phones in their hands from day zero, they’ve been exposed to social media from a young age, I think in the decades to come, it would be interesting to see how they go about treatment.”

As the aesthetics industry and demand for procedures continues to grow, the Cadogan Clinic urges patients who are considering having any aesthetics treatment, such as Botox or dermal fillers, thoroughly research the procedure, possible risks associated and credentials of their practitioner before proceeding. It’s also advisable to research the product being used, including the brand and use by date. A checklist on dermal filler regulations can be seen here.

The “bargain’ treatments being offered on the high street may not turn out to be the quite the bargain at the hands of inexperienced practitioners. The complications may turn out to be very expensive with corrective treatments and may also be detrimental to the health. The Cadogan Clinic has witnessed an increase in patients seeking corrective treatments suffered at the hands of inexperienced practitioners, reinforcing the fact that thorough research is key.

The industry-leading doctors at the Cadogan Clinic are trained to the highest level, working at the vanguard of clinical medicine. They all have expertise in facial anatomy and the majority of aesthetics treatments are Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon led. The team seek to deliver enhancing, natural results that refresh the appearance, rather than make dramatic changes.

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