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Dr. Anjali Mahto Talks Sensitive Skin with Sheerluxe

Dr. Anjali Mahto Talks Sensitive Skin with Sheerluxe

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sheerluxe featured Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto in a feature about sensitive skin.

Dr. Mahto explains, 'Sensitive skin has no unifying medical definition and can mean different things to different people. Most people with sensitive skin will describe stinging, burning, redness or tightness usually after the use of skincare or household products.

Dermatologists tend to look for specific skin changes when people describe themselves as having sensitive skin. The skin is examined for reactions such as bumps or pustules, dryness (where the skin barrier fails to function normally and nerve endings in the skin are left exposed to the environment), and a tendency to flushing or blushing.'

Dr. Mahto advises individuals who are prone to sensitive skin to recognise triggers such as diet, alcohol intake, hormones, sun exposure, makeup ingredients and stress. She also advised to consult a dermatologist for a consult with a dermatologist as "many women see sensitive skin as a cosmetic issue, and never seek medical attention, which means underlying causes – such as rosacea or allergies – aren't investigated or ruled out.'

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