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Dr Mahto Talks Acne In The Telegraph

Dr Mahto Talks Acne In The Telegraph

Monday, April 9, 2018

Dr Mahto has been featured in the Telegraph talking her ongoing battle with adult acne.

Having suffered from the skin condition most of her adolescent and adult life, Dr Mahto understands first-hand the effects this can have on an individual. In fact, it was due to her experience with acne that Dr Mahto was inspired to pursue a career in dermatology. She wanted to help others suffering from the condition and give the support, advice and treatment she didn't receive in her teenage years.

There has been a marked increase in adult acne cases and for a fifth of female sufferers, the problem starts in adulthood. Dr Mahto comments, "I see women who have never had any trouble with their skin develop it for the first time in their 50s. As we approach the menopause, the proportion of testosterone to oestrogen becomes higher, which drives the activity of the skin's oil glands, and can increase spots."

The feature includes a map of what acne says about you from where it appears on the face- the forehead may indicate a poor diet or digestive issue whilst the mouth and chin may indicate hormonal imbalances or stress. A guide which may help people identify their acne triggers.

The article also includes a guide to anti-ageing skincare; a step by step daily regime for morning and evening.

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