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Dr Mahto Speaks at the Sheerluxe Wellness Event

Dr Mahto Speaks at the Sheerluxe Wellness Event

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto was invited to speak at the Sheerluxe Wellness event on the very topical subject The Truth About Anti-Ageing Skincare, which took place at the Marylebone Hotel on 20th May, 2018.

As one of the UK’s leading dermatologists, Dr Mahto is highly attuned to the questions and concerns about ageing, which affect both men and women. With the beauty industry in the UK being work in excess of £17 billion, consumers are inundated with thousands of products promising to slow down the visible effects of ageing. With so many product options the field of anti-ageing can be a very confusing one to navigate.

Dr Mahto shared her evidence-based advice on anti-ageing skincare; educating the audience on products that actually work and busted some myths:

- Lavender oil is NOT good for scarring

- Skincare containing collagen has no anti-ageing benefits

- Drinking water does not improve wrinkles

- Eye cream will not help eye puffiness…

- Amongst many more.

Dr Mahto enlightened the audience on the topical subject of injectables such as Botox and fillers – the results from such treatments should be refreshed and natural, not “frozen” or “overdone”. The results are very much down to the skill of the practitioner and Dr Mahto urged everyone to thoroughly research their practitioner before embarking on such treatments.

As the author of best-selling book The Skincare Bible, Dr Mahto is passionate about sharing her knowledge and debunking skincare myths to arm consumers with the very best advice to achieve a healthy complexion.

For anti-ageing treatments and to book at consultation with Dr Mahto please call: 0808 250 6828