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Dr Mahto on This Morning

Dr Mahto on This Morning

Monday, February 19, 2018

Our consultant dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto appeared on ITV's This Morning, in a consultation with Georgia "Toff" Toffolo.

Georgia has struggled with acne since the age of 18 and despite elimination diets and lifestyle changes, the condition has persisted. Her acne, which was deep and inflammatory when examined by Dr Mahto, has dramatically affected her confidence over the years, making her self-conscious and even too-embarrassed to seek help. She has also been the victim of bullying and abuse from trolls about the appearance of her acne.

In a recent study it was revealed that people who suffer from acne are more likely to have depression, so early intervention and treatment is strongly advisable. Dr Mahto comments, "People wrongly assume acne is a cosmetic problem, but it's not, it is a medical problem." Dr Mahto urges individuals to seek medical advice from a dermatologist if changes to the skincare regime don't work, if scarring begins to set in and if the condition begins to affect mental health such as self-esteem, altered body image, social withdrawal and depression.

Having battled with acne for most of her teenage and adult life Dr Mahto is passionate about educating people about acne and providing effective treatment plans to help manage and successfully treat the condition. There are many acne treatment options available and Dr Mahto works with each patient to tailor a treatment plan specific to the needs of the individual.

We are delighted to hear that Georgia will be visiting schools to help educate students about acne, a condition that affects 80% of people at some time in their life and we wish her the very best.