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Dr Borysiewicz talks sunscreens with the Independent

Dr Borysiewicz talks sunscreens with the Independent

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Dr Catherine Borysiewicz shares her expert opinion on eco-friendly sunscreens in the Independent.

The feature explores the function of the different types and modes of action of sunscreens “Chemical sunscreens absorb ultraviolet radiation like a sponge, while mineral sunscreens containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide reflect it back from the surface of the skin like a mirror,” says Dr Borysiewicz.

The article goes on to investigate the environmental issues surrounding sunscreen, due to the rising awareness of the damage chemical sunscreens are doing to coral and marine life, as well as the efficacy, “Mineral sunscreens with a high sun protection factor, UVA and UVB protection, are as effective as chemical sunscreens. They are great for people with sensitive skin or inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, and are kinder to marine life.”

Dr Borysiewicz also explains that mineral sunscreens have the added benefit of being effective immediately after application, unlike chemical sunscreens which must be applied at least 15 minutes before sun exposure to give the skin time to absorb them.

Read the full article, which includes sun protection tips from Dr Borysiewicz here.

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