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Dr Borysiewicz Talks Pityriasis Versicolor with Cosmopolitan

Dr Borysiewicz Talks Pityriasis Versicolor with Cosmopolitan

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Dr Catherine Borysiewicz was interviewed by Cosmopolitan.co.uk in a feature about pityriasis versicolor, a yeast infection of the skin which commonly affects young adults. 

"The rash consists of scaly patches on the skin of the back, chest, neck and arms. It is usually not itchy, but some patients do report a mild itch and dermatitis. The rash can have a number of different colours, and ranges from pale pink or tan in some patients, or can create white patches on the skin which is felt to be due to a chemical produced by the yeast that diffuses into the skin and inhibits normal skin pigmentation," says Dr Borysiewicz.

Humid weather and sweating can make the infections more prevalent in the summer months and it’s usually undetected during winter. The skin condition is much more noticeable on tanned skin, when the white patches contrast. Dr Borysiewicz explains that pityriasis versicolor is very treatable with a number of anti-yeast creams, tablets, body washes and shampoos products available, dependent upon the symptoms and how widespread the rash is.

Read the feature here.

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