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Dr Anjali Mahto Talks Morning Skincare with Stylist

Dr Anjali Mahto Talks Morning Skincare with Stylist

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dr Anjali Mahto was coined as one of the ‘world’s top dermatologists’ in a feature by Stylist, investigating the morning skincare routines of the skin experts.

The article is skinspiration for readers wishing to achieve the ultimate, healthy glowing skin.

After 8 hours sleep (sleep is very good for the skin!) Dr Mahto follows a skincare routine for acne-prone skin, finishing with SPF50 before applying her makeup. She also shares her favourite skincare products.

Dr Mahto’s ultimate skin tip: “Dial down on the facial oils. My clinic is full of women with blocked pores or comedones (which are the primary acne lesion) because of the trend for moisturising and cleansing with facial oils.”

Dr Mahto is passionate about skin health and bridging the gap between beauty and medical dermatology. To book an appointment with Dr Mahto please call 0808 250 6832

Read the full article here.