Does Laser Tattoo Removal leave a scar?

We understand that you wish to have your skin remain as natural as possible following a tattoo removal. With our advanced PicoSure Laser, it is very uncommon for patients to have any scarring. If you already had scar tissue from the tattoo, then expect that scar to remain. You should note that other lasers may leave scarring.

During the initial tattoo removal consultation, you can run your hand over the tattooed surface and feel if there is any scarring. Any raised areas are scars, and those will remain after the tattoo has been removed, because the tattoo removal only breaks down the pigment of the ink, not scars.

It’s important to use proper aftercare following treatment so as to limit any possibility of scars. This includes allowing any scabs and blisters to remain until they are fully healed and fall off on their own. Do not pick at the area.

There may be a higher chance of keloid scars in patients with a history of keloids, so it’s important to share your medical history with the medical practitioner performing your session. 

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