Do results of Stem Cell treatment for hair loss vary between people?

Stem Cell treatment results are different for everyone. Each patient will have their own experience, as the stem cells will interact with your chemistry uniquely.

Stem cells or SVF (the stromal vascular fraction containing stem cells) are now obtained from fat and, with the right techniques, readily available. Tunc Tiryaki working at the Cadogan clinic introduced the ingenious Lipocube. There is a host of possible uses for stem cells and they are all being evaluated. He is working out how many cells are optimally required in each situation and how they are best delivered for any individual. At this stage, there is always going to be a variation of efficacy, just as there is with any drug or treatment required

Initially, we need to know the reasons for hair loss. Hair loss can result from a number of different factors, including pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, age and gender. Each of which requires a slightly different approach to the treatment plan. All these influences have an effect on the results.

The type of condition to stem cell treatment is addressing will also affect the results. Some conditions may require multiple treatments to achieve your desired results. Your treatment cycle may last several weeks or months depending on the degree of your hair loss.

It is important for you to be open and honest with your consultant when discussing stem cell treatment for hair loss. You may feel vulnerable discussing hair loss. The consultant is there to help you solve this problem, but can only do as much you allow them to. Sharing accurate details of your history with hair loss and its causes will allow your consultant to give you the best stem cell treatment plan unique to you with the best possible results.

Remember, stem cell treatment is a new and exciting option for hair loss recovery. The results will vary and are being evaluated. Our consultants and medical teams are working on cutting edge technology, but need you as the patient to be an active and positive part of the process.

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Mr. Tunc Tiryaki

Mr. Tunc Tiryaki

Mr. Tunc Tiryaki is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon specialising in facial surgery.

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