Led by science and created around you

Identifying your true skin needs couldn't be easier. This new DNA-led skincare philosophy aims to genetically decode what your skin actually needs, and prescribe a skincare regime unique to your own genetic blueprint.

How does it work?

An experienced skincare specialist will conduct your initial consultation and a clinical swab will be taken from inside your mouth. This is then couriered to the laboratory where your DNA will be examined to determine skin health, core needs and most crucially, your specific and individual key drivers to ageing. Once this has been established, we will make a tailored skincare and supplement regime to transform the skin that you're in from the inside out.

This allows you to advance beyond the 'one-size-fits-all' suggestions - using the right skincare products and supplements targeted to your own genetic blueprint.

ALLÉL was founded by two clinical specialists, one being a Dermatologist, so you can rest assured that the technology behind each individual element is underpinned by scientific and evidence-based studies ensuring exceptional quality in all health and skincare products.

Not every skincare product is going to suit everyone, no matter how much the cosmetic industry tells you. ALLÉL takes the guesswork out of your skincare regime, instead using your own DNA to identify the most suitable skincare ingredients and supplements bespoke and unique to you.

Creating your own skincare plan is as simple as:

  • DNA Test - a simple swap of the inside of your cheek is all it takes to gather your DNA sample. This will then be posted to the laboratory for testing.
  • DNA Report and Treatment Plan - you will receive a comprehensive DNA report and treatment plan, along with a 3 month supply of skincare and supplements.
  • Starting your Treatment  - once your treatment plan is started and before your next set of products is due, a DNA test will be done again to decide whether or not any adjustments need to be made to your plan.

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