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His vision was to create a multi-disciplinary Centre of Excellence where every patient is treated by the most appropriate practitioner, or team of practitioners, with all procedures delivered under one roof.

We remain doctor-led, enabling a continuing commitment to innovation. This includes an annual Surgical Fellowship to support the next generation of pioneering specialists.

What is day case treatment?

Day case treatment simply refers to the use of innovative surgical procedures designed to improve the rate of post-operative patient recovery. Patients are therefore able to return home shortly after the completion of straightforward procedures and recover in the comfort of their own home.

Whilst commonplace now in Europe and the USA, the Cadogan Clinic has pioneered the use of day case surgery in the UK, and now stands as one of its most experienced providers.

All surgical procedures at the Cadogan Clinic are day case treatments.


How does day case treatment work?

Day case treatment is all about improving the speed of recovery in the post-operative phase so that patients are feeling well enough to return home within two or three hours of their procedure.

We make this possible via a number of cutting-edge procedural features:

  • We only offer surgical treatments specifically selected for their suitability for day case treatment. In practice, this excludes all treatments associated with heavy pain in the post-operative phase. We can therefore use very simple painkillers to manage pain, and thus accelerate patient recovery time
  • Our qualified anaesthetists embrace best practice anaesthetic practices to ensure the safest and most comfortable patient experience. Anaesthetic is delivered intravenously (as opposed to inhalation) and we closely monitor anaesthetic depth with the help of specialised computers which measure brain activity (EEGs). Such precise observation allows us to maintain an optimal anaesthetic depth throughout the procedure, thus accelerating the speed at which a patient will feel well enough to go home
  • We also avoid the use of any heavy premedication before treatment

What are the benefits of day case treatment?

Day case treatment has proven extremely popular among patients around the world. Typical benefits include:

  • Reduced disruption to your work and family life as recovery times are faster
  • Benefit of recovering in familiar, more comfortable surroundings of your own home
  • Reduced risk of infection as possibility of hospital cross-infection eliminated
  • Significant financial savings due to reduced use of hospital facilities
  • Bespoke post-treatment patient care via dedicated patient liaison team
  • Reduced waiting times and delays for treatments
  • Day case surgery is associated with the same low complication rates as in-patient alternatives

If you are visiting from abroad or from outside London, you may wish to stay locally to the clinic. We are delighted to have a partnership with No.11 Cadogan Gardens, a beautiful boutique hotel just around the corner. Built in the late 19th century, the mansions and carriage houses known as No.11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel was built by Lord Chelsea on a cricket ground situated between Buckingham Palace and Harrods in Knightsbridge.

A ‘home-from-home’ for aristocrats, politicians and celebrities in an area once described as ‘a village of palaces’, No. 11 Cadogan Gardens has evolved to become one of London’s most fashionable addresses. Combining the latest facilities and technologies with the architectural features and style of a romantic bygone era, No. 11 Cadogan Gardens has a unique charm and character.


This luxury boutique hotel in Chelsea London features 54 bespoke guest rooms and four self-contained, one-bedroom suites that all exude an individual blend of vintage glamour. A variety of ornate headboards, dramatic four-poster beds, decorative baroque chaise longues, spectacular Murano glass chandeliers, and delicate fabrics await guests in every room.

Each room is also fully-equipped with the latest technology and conveniences, such as plasma screen TVs and exquisite bed linen. Stunning marble en-suite bathrooms, with timeless standalone tubs, continue the theme of splendour. For exclusive Chelsea accommodation, select one of four chic apartments available with private access and individual garages.

Your Stay at No. 11 Cadogan Hotel

Whether you just wish to stay near to the Cadogan Clinic, or have been advised on medical grounds to stay close to the clinic, No. 11 is a perfect choice. With a range of rooms from luxurious double rooms to sumptuous suites, as a partner of the hotel we can secure you a room at a competitive rate or provide a package to include with your treatment. In addition, we can also organise overnight medically-supervised stays if you or your GP feel it is necessary.

No. 11 Cadogan Clinic is located a few metres from our door, with a private entrance for patient confidentiality.

Quality Assurance & Control

We take pride in ensuring we adhere to the highest standards of care and quality control.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) was established by the Health & Social Care Act 2008 in order to regulate all health and adult social care services.

Our external Medical Advisory Committee has been specifically established to monitor and maintain the quality of medical services provided at the clinic, as well as review all consultant applications wishing to practice with us.

We also insist that all medical professionals who practice at the Cadogan Clinic are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), as well as their relevant specialist registers. To improve practice performance, each consultant undergoes an annual appraisal, whilst full GMC re-validation every five years ensures they remain fit to practice. 

Infection & Risk Control

As a day case clinic one of the many benefits is patient infection is significantly reduced as the patient is not expose to cross-infection (i.e. MRSA and clostridium difficile).

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