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Day case surgery really is safer than staying overnight in hospital

We know that patients generally prefer to undergo cosmetic surgery as an outpatient or as a day case, under general anaesthesia.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

This has been our experience at the Cadogan Clinic, but there are still those patients and surgeons who have a lingering doubt and feel that a patient would be safer in a high tech environment. We finally have the peer-reviewed evidence that overnight hospitals bring their own special risks. An American group, published in the American Journal of of Advanced Nursing have looked at no less than 184,000 aesthetic surgical procedures and found that it is significantly safer not to stay overnight. Complications were very low in all establishments, but nevertheless 25% higher in hospital with a greater risk of infection, suspected venous thromboembolic and chest thromboembolic problems.

The Cadogan Clinic was the first day-case only cosmetic surgery clinic in the UK in 2008, and has led the way for many other institutions who are now performing cosmetic surgery regularly as a day case, saving on time, on costs to our patients and at greater safety.