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Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Monday, November 27, 2017

Author: Mr. B.J Mayou, MB ChB FRCS

Victoria Beckham has had her breast implants removed and says that she regrets having them put in. Most patients who have breast implants have no regrets and find that they cannot do without them. There is a large group of patients whose breasts continue to evolve, perhaps because of further pregnancies, age or weight loss, who have further surgery to change implants and or have an uplift, of which the most common problem is a capsule formation, that is scarring or tightening around the implants, making them look unnatural and sometimes painful. These patients may have multiple procedures in an effort to retain the fuller breast. Some, and this might include Victoria Beckham, have problems which they never come to terms with and opt to have their implants removed. This, however, is not a trend, merely a consequence of the popularity of the procedure.

Current Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

There is talk that the fashion is for smaller breasts, but I have not observed this. There is a huge range of breast size that patients consider to be normal and desirable.

The trend is for fat grafting, now most of our patients undergoing facial surgery, that is eyelid reduction and face lifts, also have fat grafting to counteract the tendency for the tendency of the soft tissues to shrivel. There is a steady increase in interest in a moderate filling out of the older breast with fat grafts and in slimmer patients where there is a tendency for the edge of the implants to be visible, fat grafting is used to soften the outline, particularly at the upper and inner edges.

The biggest trend, however, is in fat grafting the buttocks. This is usually combined with liposuction of the loins, lower back to give a fuller, younger appearance.

The abdominal reduction, often as part of a mummy makeover, is becoming very popular at the Cadogan Clinic, particularly as the technique is now much more reliable and can be carried out with much reduced risk as a day case, without drains.

Most Popular Procedures

Breast surgery remains very popular at the Cadogan Clinic, vying for top spot with liposuction.

Fat grafting is likely to overtake both these procedures in popularity by the end of the year.

The Biggest Rise in Requests

Fat grafting to the buttocks, with an enormous sudden rise in popularity and day case Brazilian abdominoplasty.

What Shapes are the Most Popular?

The athletic female form remains the most coveted, since Jessica Ennis-Hill became our Olympic poster-girl. However, for many the pert buttocks, combined with the curve of the lower back has become an important focus.

Not everybody wants large prominent breasts, but no one likes empty sagging breasts.