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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures on the Rise at Cadogan Clinic

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures on the Rise at Cadogan Clinic Despite Reported Industry Decline

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Cadogan Clinic, one of the UK’s leading provider of cosmetic, aesthetic and medical procedures has seen a different picture to the background of industry decline in cosmetic surgical figures reported by The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

BAAPS reported an 8% drop in cosmetic procedures in 2017 whilst the Cadogan Clinic experienced a 6% increase in cases throughout the same period.

Male procedures at the Cadogan Clinic increased by 12.5% in 2017, where the wider market saw the area grow by just 0.3%. ‘Over the years we have seen more men undergoing surgery, but the proportion of surgeries compared with women does hover around 9%, which is the BAAPS experience. 11% of our patients are male, who are still undergoing eyelid surgery as well as increased body surgery procedures such as liposuction and breast treatments.’

The most popular male procedures at the Cadogan Clinic included:

  • Liposuction: 26% of male cases
  • Ear correction: 22%
  • Chest reduction/correction: 19%

Otoplasty saw the biggest increase at the Cadogan Clinic, rising by 200% across both genders, opposed to a minimal industry increase of just 2%. Abdominoplasty procedures also saw a rise of 140% whilst the wider market remained static throughout the period.

The Cadogan Clinic was founded by Mr Bryan Mayou, a world-renowned Plastic Surgeon famed for introducing liposuction to the UK over 35 years ago. Despite a market decline of 28% in liposuction procedures, the Cadogan Clinic enjoyed an 11% increase in that area of the same period.

The number of procedures performed on female patients at the Cadogan Clinic grew by 5% in 2017, bucking a trend that saw an 8.6% decline in the industry, according to the latest BAAPS figures.

Other female statistics at the Cadogan Clinic included:

  • Abdominoplasty: 120% increase in cases
  • Fat transfer: up by 50% 
  • Otoplasty: increased by 50%
  • Cosmetic gynecology: increased by 39%

The continued growth at the Cadogan Clinic is attributed as much to the expertise of the industry-leading consultants as it is to the pioneering and innovative approach to procedures and patient care. The Cadogan Clinic is centred around the needs and wellbeing of its patients. As a result, retention is high with 89% of patients returning to the Clinic and 71% having three or more appointments. The highest source of patient referrals at the Cadogan Clinic in 2017 was word-of-mouth (31%), a testament to excellent patient care and high levels of satisfaction.

'We are dedicated to giving an outstanding patient journey with personalised attention and care, every step of the way. From the first phone call and consultation to the procedure and recovery, we pride ourselves on exceeding patient expectations and delivering excellence at every level,' says Mr Mayou.

The Cadogan Clinic has enjoyed a very strong growth in facial aesthetics and dermatology, as more people seek non-surgical procedures before embarking on surgical enhancements. Mr Mayou comments, 'In the hands of experienced practitioners, the results that can be achieved through non-surgical and aesthetic procedures are excellent. This is true not only for the selfie generation, but also for individuals wanting to slow down the visible signs of ageing or address facial concerns. We are delighted to be growing our business in a competitive market and bucking the industry trend.'

As always there is an evolution in the popularity of treatments, but non-surgical treatments, although progressing rapidly, have a long way to go before they can displace surgery for sheer effectiveness. ‘Some non-surgical treatments are not as good as billed, and others have their own complications. Freezing fat is moderately effective for removing small amounts of fat, but it also has its own complications,’ concludes Mr Mayou.