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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures at the Cadogan Clinic Continue to Rise

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures at the Cadogan Clinic Continue to Rise Against a Stationary Market in the UK

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Figures from the Cadogan Clinic for cosmetic surgery procedures in 2018 show a rather different story to UK figures reported by The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

Cadogan Clinic comprises an integrated team of highly skilled surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians who work collaboratively to plan and deliver the very best procedures and results.

The surgeons are very specialised and within these areas, new techniques have brought dividends and attributed to a 23% increase in surgical activity throughout 2018, compared to stationary figures reported by BAAPS countrywide.


Key 2018 highlights include:

  • New techniques of fat transfer at the Cadogan Clinic have brought a rise of 359% in the procedure against a fall of 3% countrywide.
  • This triggered a 61% rise in all facial surgery, which included blepharoplasty at 82% (BAAPS recorded a drop of 2% for both facelifts and blepharoplasty facelifts).
  • BAAPS members still do many more browlifts than the Cadogan Clinic (who didn’t perform any procedures throughout the year) despite experiencing a 15% fall in numbers. Non-surgical techniques and fat transfer procedures have replaced the need for brow lift surgery at the Cadogan Clinic.
  • Rhinoplasties were always popular and the Cadogan Clinic’s 161% rise includes male popularity, but not the many nonsurgical procedures.

Breast Surgery:

The Cadogan Clinic experience a rise of 37.4% in breast surgery against a BAAPS decline of 7% due to many contributing factors:

The Cadogan Clinic was the first clinic in the UK to launch Crisalix 4D imaging in 2018, new imaging techniques for breast surgery which help patients decide on their most appropriate procedure, where they can actually see the results in real time before undergoing the surgery. Fat transfer to the breast is adding an extra finesse to the results of breast surgery.

The Cadogan Clinic has also been unaffected by patients choosing the wrong type of implants and surgeons to go to great lengths to maintain the highest level of safety and ensure patients are educated on surgical risks.


Male Surgery:

The biggest surprise of surgical growth was in male surgery which saw a 148% rise in procedures against a drop of 4.1% countrywide. This reflects the trends above, along with smarter abdominoplasty and gynecomastia techniques.

Cadogan Clinic Founder Mr Bryan Mayou first introduced liposuction to the UK 35 years ago, along with pioneering many surgical techniques to a global audience. Having been at the forefront of new innovations and witnessed many consumer trends on a national and international level, he comments on the results, “The continued growth of surgical procedures is attributed to the expertise of the industry-leading consultants, the innovative procedures and the approach to patient safety and care. Perhaps overall the strength of surgery, within the midst of Brexit chaos, may also be the Cadogan Clinic policy of performing surgery safely as a day case. Patients, who travel distances, are much happier staying a comfortable local hotel with their family, than going through the tedium of an overnight stay in hospital.”

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