Corns and Calluses

Corns and Callouses are hard, thickened areas of skin which are formed as a result of friction, rubbing or pressure on the skin, which can be painful and cause severe discomfort if not treated.

Corns can be either hard or soft mostly occur on the sides or tops of the toes. Hard corns are a small patch of dead, thickened skin with a tiny plug of skin in the centre. Soft corns have much thinner surfaces can have a white, rubberish appearance, usually forming between the toes. Seed corn are small, dry seed-like bumps which mostly occur on the ball or heel of the foot.
Corns can often appear on bony feet which lack natural cushioning and can also be a result of other foot conditions such as bunions and hammer toe.

Calluses are hard, rough areas of skin which are a yellowish colour and can develop on the feet, hands or any area of the body which experiences repeated friction. Planter calluses are found on the bottom of the feet.

If you have any concerns about corns or calluses please see a Podiaty specialist.

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