The 'Nose-job' journey by a journalist patient

Everything you need to know about the “nose job” journey, by a journalist patient

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Mr Tunc Tiryaki, Consultant Plastic at the Cadogan Clinic was featured in an article in the Telegraph, charting the journey of a rhinoplasty patient – from selecting her surgeon, planning and undergoing the procedure through to recovery and results.

Journalist Annabel Fenwick-Elliot visited various plastic surgeons in London, following her decision to embark on a “nose job”. Consulting Mr Tiryaki as her last appointment on her shopping list of surgeons, Annabel immediately decided to proceed with him. Together they planned the procedure, deciding on an open rhinoplasty with stem cell regeneration to boost volume around the cheekbone and jawline.

The surgical plan:

The surgical plan was to file down the bump, narrow the sides, and ever so slightly nip in the nostrils and lift the tip of the nose. This is done through an open rhinoplasty procedure where a tiny incision is made across the columellar (central strut of the nose which separates the two nostrils) allowing for the bone and cartilage to be reshaped. The incision is small and it is made horizontally, across the middle of the columellar wall which separates the nostrils. 

The stem cell regeneration process involves deriving stem cells from the patient’s fat, using liposuction. It is then mechanically separated and centrifuged in a closed sterile system to isolate the stem cells from the fat. The concentrated stem cells are then injected into the desired area to kick-start the rejuvenation process. 

Annabel charts her journey leading up to the day of the procedure, her feelings on the morning of the procedure and also immediately after, where she learns that she most likely broke her nose as a child, which had been limiting air flow.

Talking about her results; “The verdict? I couldn’t be more delighted. The bump is gone. My face has fallen back into balance.”

Mr Tunc Tiryaki is a leading, highly skilled Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in facial and stem cell procedures. Mr Tiryaki was the first surgeon to pioneer nose suspension technique under local anaesthetic which is a 25-30 minute, minimally-invasive procedure which lifts and re-shapes the tip of the nose. The nose suspension surgery is based on vertical suspension where tiny holes are created within the skin using injections and the nose is lifted using a special surgical thread. it is basically a closed rhino percutaneous suspension, without any cuts on the skin, a lesser invasive method.

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