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Cadogan Founder Mr. Mayou Discusses Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Following the recent news about Joy Williams, 24, who tragically died after buttock implant surgery in Thailand, the dangers of cosmetic surgery abroad have once again been highlighted in the press. Mr. Bryan Mayou was asked to give comment in various newspapers including the Daily Mail and the Telegraph, and was even interviewed live at the clinic on BBC News and Channel 5!

Mr. Mayou firmly states that going abroad for surgery is “a false economy and so dangerous. What if it goes wrong and your parents need to fly out there? What if there are complications when you get home? What are you going to do– get on a plane and fly back?”

He adds “When you go abroad, you’re throwing expertise out of the window, I wouldn’t have a clue how to differentiate between one doctor and another online. Then you’re expected to pay upfront. You’ve committed to surgery before even seeing the inside of the clinic.”

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