Cadogan Clinic Director Bryan Mayou Featured in The Telegraph

Cadogan Clinic founder, plastic surgeon Mr Bryan Mayou, is quoted in The Telegraph today with regard to the spiking popularity of cosmetic surgery for men at Cadogan Clinic and, more specifically, the rise in men’s facelifts and Botox for men – or “Brotox” – at our clinic.

Male plastic surgery procedures have become increasingly popular and account for a significant surge in our clinic’s business.

Mr Mayou pointed out how the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures at the clinic are “not ab implants, as suggested by the people promoting such things, but certainly liposuction and all the facial plastic surgery”.

The “metrosexual” trend has spurred an increase in Botox procedures for men too.

Mr Mayou also talks about how the clinic has benefitted from the health scare surrounding PIP implants (Poly Implant Prothèse implants): “we never used them because they are inferior,” says Mayou. “This has come back to haunt many clinics”, as “people have learned you can’t cut corners in this business”.

Breast implants are still the most popular procedure for Cadogan Clinics' female clients, but buttock augmentation is also growing significantly.

You can read the full article on the Telegraph website.