Breast reduction surgery recovery time: how long does it take?

Breast reduction recovery time varies from case to case but you should be able to return to your normal day-to-day activities after about two weeks. However, we recommend our patients be sensitive to their body and try not to do too much too soon, ceasing activities after or during which any pain is experienced.

We recommend temporary suspension of activities such as going to the gym, and practicing aerobics and sports that involve using your arms. Any activity that requires lifting your elbows above your shoulders should also be carefully monitored.

All breast reduction techniques require an incision that will result in a scar that will likely be red and slightly raised in the weeks and months after your procedure, before fading completely.

Scar visibility can, however, be greatly impacted by the quality of the surgeon you choose, as well as the level of aftercare you receive. In the hands of a skilled surgeon the scar can be positioned very discreetly, whilst an expert scar minimization team can provide you with the tools and techniques to enhance the healing process. For example, scar the appearance can be reduced by regular moisturisation and massage techniques, all of which our dedicated team will advise our patients in the days following your procedure.

Due to our specialism in liposuction, it is possible in some cases to perform breast reduction using liposuction techniques only. This technique is often known as ‘scarless breast reduction’ since the incisions required can be made in less prominent positions, such as under the arms, where they can not been seen.

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